Four U Academy Inc. is the calling of Brent Carmichael, father of a son with AUTISM. His overwhelming fustrations as a single parent trying to find information and resources to assist his son with his educational and social success necessitated his desire to help those individuals, families and communities affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).Artez and I Christmas   Omega Psi Phi                     

4 -U is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization is designed to assist individuals, families, schools, law enforcement, social  organizations, faith and community based programs with information, awareness and support to impove the quality of care in four areas;


1) Autism Information & Resources

2) Social Awareness

3) Sports Instruction (disabled /non-disabled)

4) Fundraising 

4-U Academy seeks to become a model program for both small and large communities.  As a provider of information, resources, instruction and fundraising activities our cultivation of youth interested in acquiring the love, dedication and rewards through sports and social events creates a win-win senerio for all those involved.    

 Our Academy seeks to positively connect individuals with families,

families with organizations and organizations with businesses. 


Our Services


               Autism Infromation & Resources      


                    * Community Support        * Educational Advocacy       * Support Groups  * Awareness Training 























                                Special Education                                  Police, Fire & EMS 

                                    Career Fair                                    Autism Awareness Training                                                                                   



                     Gang and Violence                   Special Olympics & the      

                         Prevention Workshops              Special Needs Community 























 Students against Drugs
      Rockford, Illinois


 The purpose and business of 4 Academy is to provide support and resources to persons, organizations and communities for those involved in the growth and development of youth; through sports, arts, social and/or autism spectrum disorder programs.


Each area of 4-U Academy is specifically designed to effectively inspire, motivate and encourage participation with those with like minds......


Artez Special Olympics  

Autism Resources will assist individuals and families with free information on all aspects of Autism. Including educational, social, recreational and outreach programs.


                 Zach Wood - Logo Designer







Sports Instruction will specialize in progressive drills, conditioning, fitness and instruction for disabled and non-disabled athletes designed to each individuals areas of development, level and need. Primary sports will be basketball, baseball, golf and track. Secondary programs include football and soccer.





Social Awareness will provide workshops, conferences and or individualized learning sessions for parents, educators or community citizens in need of violence prevention strategies, discipline techniques or effective training strategies to create a peaceful environment. We will specialize in programs for school bullying, street group (gang) intervention and prevention and community involvement.






Fundraising will solicit funds from local, state and national resources for persons connected to other non-profit programs. We will provide financial scholarships to autism, sports and/or social enhancement programs.









"I attended 2 of your sessions, personally they were the best of all the conference. Your session on gangs and the NBA etc logos just blew my mind."

                                                    - Yolanda Rodriguez Texas Head Start 


“Most coaches can teach basketball and motivate their players, but few are a dedicated as Coach Carmichael when it comes to leading a kid down the path to success in life".                                           

                                                 -Cyndi DeCook – Parent


“Brent has a keen ability to identify strengths and areas of difficulty for each individual child in his care. He then used those observations as foundations to build real relationships”

                                                      -Rachel Scott – YWCA Director


“His knowledge base combined with his caring personality contributes to success in any environment”

                                                -Kathy Oakland – College Professor



Brent is the best back up point guard in the CBA”

                   -Charlie Rosen, former professional basketball coach


                                    Artez Graduation




For more information Contact Brent Carmichael, 4 U Academy Director at:

                        P.O. Box 292681 Lewisville, Texas 75029
                        Phone: 940.368.9666
                        Website: Fouruacademy.org
A special thank you to Brad Settles for his time and support to the 4 U Academy website.
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