Social Awareness




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Social Awareness & Family Enhancement

Four U Academy Inc.- Social Awareness & Family Enhancement (SAFE) is uniquely designed to identify and address the many issues that surround our youth and inner cities. Our focus in to enhance to informaion awareness and soultions to youth violence, bullying, discipline in schools, social stigmas and other envionmental negatives that plaque our society. Our goal is Excellence in Education. By providing quality workshops, conferences, support groups or individual support, we want to prepare parents, educators, law enforcement, students and community residents with comprehensive apporaches to better communicate with each other.

   Men of Omega 


These 4 cardinal principles in which Four U Academy Inc. has adopted to provide our organization with a foundation of excellence to give back to youth and communities. Four U Academy Ins has been actively developing, organizing,facilititating and evaluating educational, social and community driven programs for many years. Our anti- gang violence and pro-active solutions message has been accepted in many cities including; Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington D,C, Detroit, St. Louis and Denver Colorado.




 Gang Prevention Award     City Proclamation for Autism          Lewisville ISD Resource Fair                                                                                                                       



 Autism Alert Training       Head Start Board President        Light it up Blue for Autism                                                                                                                               



* Autism Alert Emergency Decal Police, Fire, & EMS Training - Lewisville, Texas 

* Autism Alert Emergency Decal Police Training - The Colony, Texas

* Autism Alert Emergency Decal Fire Training - Addison, Texas

* Autism Alert Emergency Decal Sheriff Training - Rock Island, Illinois 

* National Gang Crime Research Center Annual Workshp- Chicago, Illinois

* National Gang Crime Research Center (Gang Prevention Award) - Chicago, Illinois

* Head Start Annual Parent Conference Training - Grapevine, Texas

* Texas Head Start Annual State Conference - San Antonio,Texas 

* Youth Summit - Dallas, Texas

* Blacks in Government Annual Conference Workshop - Detroit, Michigan

* Youth & Gang Violence Prevention Workshop - Waterloo, Iowa

* Autism Spectrum Magazine - Associate editor - Des Moines, Iowa

* Katz & Kids University of Northern Iowa/Boy & Girls Club - Cedar Falls, Iowa

* 6 Stages to Decrease Violence Workshop - Boys and Girls Club -Waterloo, Iowa

* Blacks in Government Annual Conference Workshop - Washington, D.C.

* Salvation Army " People you want to know" Presentation - Waterloo, Iowa

* Eastern Illinois University Education Association Keynote Speaker - Charleston, Illinois

* Blacks in Government Annual Conference Workshop - St.Louis, Missouri

* Illinois Education Association Workshop Presentaion - Springfield, Illinios 

* Hoops for Hereos - East Moline, Illinois 

* Illinis Counseling Association Worshop Pressentation - Springfield, Illinois 

* Madison County School District School Assembly and Teacher Training- Venice, Illinois 

* Rock Island Milan School District Annual Conference Workshop - Rock Island, Illinois 

* National Youth Diversity Annual Conference Workshp - Denver, Colorado

* National Equity in Education College of Denver Workshop  - Salt Lake City, Utah

* Blacks in Government Annul Conference Workshop - Washington, D.C.



* Bachelor of Liberal Studies- University of Northern Iowa

* High School Coaching Certification - American Sports Educaiton

* Child Abuse Madatory Reporting - State of Illinois/Texas

* Para-professional Training - Illinois State Board of Education

* Peace Builders - Training of Trainers 

* Succeeding with Tough Students - Appelbaum Training 

* Violence in Schools - Rock Island County Regional Office of Education 

* Early Mental Health Workshop - State of Illinois 

* Parents as Partner Training - Center for Human Investment

* Universal Precautions - State of Illinois 

* Parents as Partners Training - Community College of Denver

* Conflict Mangement in Schools - Colorado School of Mediation Project

* Affective Needs Workshop - Colorado Department of Education

* Technology of Prevention I - Youth Development Inc.

* Technology of Prevention II - Youth Development Inc.

* Understanding Gang Behavior - Illinois Collaboration on Youth





 * Founder/Director Four U Acadmey Inc. - Lewisville, Texas 

 Program Orginator/Director Champions of Autism Inc. - Des Moines, Iowa 

* Light it up Blues - Autism Awareness Month - Dallas, Texas

* Program Designer/Director Champions of Autism - Iowa 

* Strike Out Autism - Chicago Cubs Minor AAA Team - Des Moines, Iowa

* Founder/Director  Summer Enrichment Program - East Moline, Illinois

* Founder/Coach Quad City Baskeball Academt Inc. - Quad Cities USA

* Co-Orginator Late Night Basketball Program - Rockford, Illinois 

* Director Rockford Parks Summer Arts Program - Rockford, Illinois 

* Founder/Director We CARE Youth Program - Rockford, Illinois 



SUPPORT (Letters provided upon request)


* Captain Robert Whitney - Salvation Army

* Ms Sherry Turkel - Parent

* Ms. Liz Timmons - Parent

* Ms. Debbie Carlson - Parent

* Coach Greg Mc Dermott - Creighton University 

* Mr. Derek Hannah - YMCA 

* Ms. Rachel Scott - Director YWCA. 

* Mayor John Thodos - East Moline, Illinois 

* Ms. Julie Evans - Former Principal 

* Mr. Jim Boyd - Retired Prinipal 

* Mr Robert Diaber- Retired Superientendent 

* Donna Mannering - Illinios Education Assocation 

* Ms. Linda Dothard - Rock Island Schools Board Member

* Mr. Nathaniel Lawrence - Telemark Communicaitons

* Mr. Ken Know - Parent

* Mr. Robert J. Carroll - Attorney at Law

* Mr Al Weir