Tri-niti 5;7 - Waterloo, Iowa 




4 U Academy will seek to leverage both private and public resources to effectively provide information, resources, events and services for local communities.  Our plan to utilize personal and professional contacts to serve as ambassadors for each of our programs.




   "People Get Ready" Fundraising Concert

            Waterloo, Iowa

Our template will begin with utilizing the fundraising model to can be planned and organized once, then used over and over again.  Making  fundraising opportunities win-win’s for all parties will allow 4 U Academy to use organizations, foundations, businesses and corporations.


       Keith Jennings - Former Player Chicago Bears            Shawn Johnson - Des Moines, Iowa


 4 U Academy Contribution Breakdown
  • 42 % Autism Resources  
  • 10 % Staff/Facility 

  • 12 % Donations
  • 10   % Sports 
  • 12   % Fundraising 
  • 14 % Conferences 

"Hoops for Heroes" - Glenview Middle School East Moline, Illinois


Fundraiser at Quad City Downs Harness Racing