4-U Academy Inc.

                                             Brent Carmichael - Founder & Director
                                                   Received the Fredrick Milton Thrasher Award
                                                      for service in Gang Prevention at the
                                                      National Gang Crime Research Training
                                                         Conference in Chicago, Illinois 2012 
  Four U Academy Inc. Board of Directors

     M. Garrett - Lewisville, Texas 

     D. Robinson - Chicago, Illnois   

     T. Wakefield, Las Vegas, Nevada,

     T. Johnson, San Diego, California ,

     S. Stoltenberg - Lewisville, Texas,

     D. Abram-Duke, Denver, Colorado

     Brittney Davis, Lewisville, Texas,

     Jeanette Hunter, Lewisville, Texas,

     M. Westerfield, Atlanta, Georgia 


  With the assistance of his national and local Board of Directors,

 4- U Academy is designed as an innovative educational empowerment

 and development organization that will use positive approaches to

 empower youth and adults. 4-U will work to provide information,

 education, awareness, utilizing traditional and non-traditional techniques

 to identify, develop and evaluate each individuals knowledge and dedication

 to serve themselves and/or their community.


Connecting those in NEED, with those that PROVIDE

             Special Education Resource Fair - Lewisville, Texas
Nominated by Polser Elementary School PTA 2013
         Lewisville ISD - Carrollton, Texas
              Robin Fry- Principal 
                     Other Community Presentations
* Generation Now " Basketball 4 Boobs Fundraiser - Dallas,Texas
* Naturally Isis Youth Fourm - Eden Lounge - Dallas, Texas
* Lewisville, Texas Police, Fire & EMS Autism Alert Training Program
* Champions Basketball Tournaments - Carrollton, Texas
* Polser Elementary School After School Program - Carrollton, Texas
* A.U.T.I. S. M School Board Presentation - Arlington, Texas
* N.O.B. L.E. Regional Conference Presentation - Dallas, Texas
* National Head Start Parent Conference - Grapevine, Texas
* Blacks in Government Annual Conference - Detroit, Michigan
* MOMEA Board of Directors Presentation  - San Antonio, Texas
* National Gang Crime Research Conference - Chicago, Illonois
* Texas Head Start Annual Conference - San Antonio, Texas
* Lewisville, Texas Library Association Presentation
* Dallas Museum of Art - Movement with Kids - Dallas, Texas

4- U Academy is the brainchild of Brent Carmichael, father of a son with AUTISM,
His professional experience as a:


                             * Professional Basketball Player
                        * National Youth Violence Consultant
                        * Workshop Presenter/Public Speaker 
                        * Assistant Director for Head Start
                        * Assistant Director Baptist Church Youth Dept.
                        * Mayor's Drug Prevention Coordinator   
                        * D.A.R.E. Board Member
                        * Park Board Member
                        * President of Head Start Parent Board
                        * Special Education Advisory Board Member
                        * High School and Elite (AAU) Basketball Coach

                        * Director of Summer Park Programs
                        * Concerned Community Advocate for All Youth





                    4-U Areas of Service




 1. Autism Resources     


                              * Information and Resouces


                 * Community Events/Activities

                 * Fundraising

                 * Specialized Programs

                 * Sports Clinics

                 * Informational Worshops

                 * Community Collaborations

                 * Advocacy/Support

                 * More............


 Some cost may be including in specific programs.


2. Sports Instruction   


                               * Sports Instruction (Various Sports)


                 * Fundraising


                 * Sports Teams


                 * Specialized Program                 


                 * Community Collabortion


                 * Information Resources  


                 * More ......

    Some cost may be included in specific programs.



 3.Social Awareness


                      * Informational Workshops

                  * Conferences

                  * Public Speaking

                  * Community Education (Classrooms)

                  * Prevention/Intervention Strategies

                  * Community Collaborations

                  * Teacher Inservice Workshop

                  * More ...........


 Some cost may be included in specific programs. 


4. Fundraising   


                      * Community Fundraising


                   * In-Kind Scholarships (Limited)



                   * Community Collaboration


                   * Assist Other Non-Profit Programs


                   * More......... 




        Some cost may be included in specific programs.
                               1986 to 2012
                                                   We Made it!
         For more information Contact:
         Brent Carmichael, 4 U Academy Director 
         P.O. Box 292681
         Lewisville, Texas 75029
         Phone: 940.398.9666 (c)
         Program Email: Fouruacademy@yahoo.com
         Autism Email: Autism4u@ymail.com